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"I would like to recommend Dawn Decker for massage therapy. I was a bodyworker for 14 years, and I can tell you that Dawn brings an incredible amount of experience and training to her bodywork, including years of yoga experience.  I just had the most amazing Sacred Lomi massage (Hawaiian) from Dawn yesterday! I have severe chronic pain, and I was pain-free the rest of the day, and went to sleep like a baby last night.  Dawn's beautiful office space (including infrared sauna) is fantastic, and so is she!" ~ Sincerely, Cindy, Richmond, VT


"It is for good reason that it is called, "Sacred Lomi." From the moment the session began, I felt safely held in sacred space; body, mind, and spirit. My thinking, rational mind had to release to the rhythm and flow of the Lomi hands and winds, because it was impossible to make sense of  it, how delightful. The ocean waves of hands brought me to deep peace. I  felt completely whole, one form, part of it all. The experience is  staying with me, and with more Lomi, I know I will become better able to  be in the world, offering what I have to give, meeting what is real. I am so very grateful".  ~ Love, Kristin Borquist, Huntington, VT


"I have studied yoga & qigong and have had weekly massage and with Dawn for the last 32 years.  During this time, I have witnessed her grow in knowledge and skill in her profession.  I have personally benefited from her pursuit of excellence in the field of health.  Her unconditional commitment to the well-being of each and every one of her massage clients and yoga students makes for an enriching and highly beneficial experience." ~ Polly Maguire, Shoreham, VT


"For over ten years I've know Dawn as a yoga teacher and a massage therapist. Her knowledge, skills, wisdom and sense of humor provide for extremely relaxing and rejuvenating sessions of health and well being." ~ Shanti, Caleb Kenna, Brandon, VT


"...And I most especially wanted to thank you for your friendship and your truly wonderful gifts as a yoga teacher over the years.  I know I've been a phantom in your classes for several years, due mostly to a very hectic but fun 'road schedule'...but when I meet with Rodney Yee each morning on DVD (hey, it's the best I can do) it's your voice and your gentle push that I hear and feel.  I'm grateful for all you have given me and so many others. Many thanks. ~ Namaste, Ted Sheu (That Poetry Guy), Middlebury, VT 






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