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We have the latest in Infrared Saunas and it can be used after a massage or as a cleanse on its own.

High-Tech Ways to Extend Your Life

The next life extension tool that Dr. Oz wheels onto Oprah's stage can help you burn 700 calories…without lifting a finger.

Dr. Oz says his in-laws introduced him to the infrared sauna, which is slightly different than a normal sauna. "It makes the same rays that come from the sun and filters out the UV radiation, so it only gives you the infrared radiation," he says. "That radiation that's infrared goes a little bit into your skin so, without heating you up and the external environment too much, it heats the body up."

After a few minutes in the sauna, Oprah says she's starting to feel the heat. Dr. Oz says the high temperature helps lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation. "It gets your heart to beat faster, and it burns calories," Dr. Oz says. "It raises your metabolism a little bit, and also when you sweat, you sweat out toxins through the skin." 

 Did you know that using an infrared sauna:

~ Helps with weight loss (without having to lift a finger)

~ Helps treat cellulites

~ Improves your immune system

~ Improves your strength and vitality

~ Helps cure several skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and acne

~ Strengthens the cardio-vascular system

~ Helps control your blood pressure

~ Detoxifies your body

~ Gives you more energy and relieves stress

~ Helps treat burns and scars

~ Relieves pain (joint pain, sore muscles, arthritis)

~ Helps control your cholesterol level

~ Helps treat bronchitis

~ Helps treat hives (urticaria), gout, tissue damage, prostate hypertrophy

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